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Unique - Original - Distinctive

Living in a suburb of Los Angeles, California, Anne & Roy have been avid photographers for 7 years. "We are fortunate to live in such a large area. This gives us the opportunity to focus on a wide variety of subjects and conditions. Landscape, wildlife, foliage, and especially macro are our areas of preference. We like to photograph what the average person wouldn't normally observe. Showing what's around us in a unique and distinctive manner is what we try to achieve." They are both members of the f-Stops Camera Club.

Roy is a native of Los Angeles and holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Southern California.

Anne holds a Master of Science degree from California State University and is bilingual in French.

Et si vous preferez correspondre en fran,cais, Anne peut vous aider car francais est sa langue maternelle.

P.O. Box 4906
West Hills, CA 91308-4906
FAX 818-592-6467

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