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Those experienced in black and white photography will be guided to still higher skill levels with Suess’s excellent new book, which follows his well received Mastering Black-and-White Photography. Here he explores the “how” and “why” of creating successful black and white images, explains complex photographic techniques in lucid language, and provides detailed information on films, filters, lenses, and darkroom equipment and technique. Many sophisticated printing techniques are reviewed as well, including the latest information on digital imaging.


This is a gem of a book for everyone interested in exploring the exciting and challenging medium of black and white photography. Twenty-five illustrated chapters explain practical and artistic matters in a friendly, easy to comprehend style, from cameras, lenses, and film, to developing, printing, light, and aesthetics. Composition, exposure, processing, mounting, and even selling your work are also addressed. More than just an introduction to the techniques of black and white photography, Suess gives you an assortment of ways to use those techniques effectively and skillfully.


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