Books by John Sexton

Fifty-one exquisite b&w plates by a fine photographer who is an obvious student of Ansel Adams. Superbly reproduced in laser-scanned duotone, the images in Quiet light are a testimony to Sexton's love of light and to his dedication to expressing the spirit of the land. An essential acquisition for all photography collections.


Well printed on glossy paper, this book contains pictures of Aspens, Redwoods, Cottonwoods, etc. in grand locations like Yosemite, Zion, and others, all done using 4x5 camera (with notes on lenses and film used). Some pictures are tack sharp and contrasty, seeing the new white buds on fir trees, or white star-like leaves behind a black stream. Some are eerily grey, or shot on misty mornings.


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