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The book contains a well-balanced mix of grand vistas and intimate macro shots. Ernst covers the famous icons of landscape photography we're all familiar with: Yosemite Valley and Half Dome, the giant sequoias, Mount Hood, Monument Valley, the slot canyons of the Southwest etc. Some of them are standard signature shots, like Yosemite Valley from Inspiration Point, but others are covered in a new and refreshing way.


In compiling this sumptuous collection of his best photographic work of wild Arkansas over the last two decades, Tim Ernst has given us a gift of profound beauty. Captured in the 107 color illustrations presented here is all the freshness, clarity, moodiness, and vitality of a state wonderfully diverse in its geoloty, its seasons, and its native fauna and flora. In this tribute to his home state, Ernst summons us to explore the wildflower studded paths, the sparkling watercourses, and the rocky crags of Arkansas's four million acres of wild lands-its national forests, protected rivers, wilderness areas, state parks, wildlife management areas, and special interest areas-all held in trust for the entire nation.


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